Learn to Skydive

100% pure adrenalin guaranteed… become a qualified skydiver and enjoy a life of incredible fun. Australian Skydive takes people with no experience through all levels to become competent and qualified skydivers. There are three training courses available at Australian Skydive:

  1. AFF – Accelerated Freefall Skydiving Courses
  2. TAF/AFF – Tandem Assisted – Accelerated Freefall Courses

The courses are designed for beginners with no experience and all equipment is supplied. Both courses give you the experience to become a qualified and licensed skydiver, as laid down by the regulations of the Australian Parachute Federation. The courses cover freefall skydiving and parachuting techniques with particular emphasis on freefall body positions, safety, canopy flight and landings. All our courses are run from our Torquay dropzone.

Course Packages Price: $495
Stage One & First Jump: Complete the first jump training course. Includes a full day of comprehensive training on Saturday, overnight stay, followed by a brief revision of procedures Sunday morning and later, you skydive. This course can be completed with either the TAF or the AFF program.


Introduction Package Price: $925
Three jump package over two consecutive weekends: Complete stage one, two and three of the AFF course over two weekends (weather permitting). This is an ideal package for those who want to wet their appetite without committing to the full course. At Australian Skydive we are recognised worldwide allowing you to continue through the course at other drop zones around the world. This package can be completed with either the TAF or AFF program.


Complete Package Price: $1,950
Full course, 10 jump package :
Start: 8:00 am on the first Saturday of the course.Goes through training for all nine stages, includes packing lessons.Includes:  Training, 10 jumps, packing lessons, gear hire on 1 solo jump*note should you be required to repeat any stage it will be charged at the relevant fee 


‘A’ License 15 Jump Package Price: $2,565
The ultimate skydiving holiday! This is the most mind-blowing adrenalin pumping holiday you are ever likely to experience.Start: 8:00 am on the first Saturday of the course.Achieve your ‘A’ licence that is your open licence to skydive.Gets you your full ‘A’ Licence which is recognised around the world.Same training schedule as other packages. Training so that you can pack your own chute.Includes: Stage 1-9 inclusive plus 6 solo jumps with all gear hire, ‘A’ Licence, full training, 15 jumps,  packing lessons, Australian Parachute Federation student membership and log book*note should you be required to repeat any stage it will be charged at the relevant fee